Super Secret Evil Sessions

This is where you can be you. Where some torture is condoned, even encouraged. Where backstabs and sneak attacks are only called cowardly only by the victims’ last gurgle. Where burning a house down is done just for fun. Where whims are followed and morals checked at the door. Where cute kitties are rescued only because they’re evil planar creatures.

The guild comprises of your typical thieves, thugs, and the elite assassins sect. Your group has risen to high status in the guild, due to your aptitude in handling difficult situations.

The head of the guild is Adder, an assassin who’s time is now spent shuffling paper instead of finding new and creative ways to kill someone. He seems stressed out as of late, but no one knows if it’s the duties of running the guild or some other reason.

Clyde is his second in command. Clyde is an arcane trickster, a mix of rogue and magic-user abilities. He sees to the day-to-day running of the guild. He has a quick wit and a great sense of humor. His career as a stand-up comic went south, so his newfound work has kept his bills paid. He is still known to try out new jokes on unfortunate new recruits.

Teams are set up in the guild, comprising of 4 to 5 people of diverse talents.

A moody fellow named Zar took command of the third spot in the guild heirarchy. Max, the previous holder of this position lived up to the longevity of it. It seems no one can hold the third spot for more than 6 months. All previous holders have either died, been promoted, or vanished. Zar’s association with the guild is rocky. He was once a mark, now a boss. Oddly enough, Zar moonlights as an advisor to King Thord.

Kate Borgia is the resident…”persuader” of the group and is useful in extracting information. She was a contractual member of the guild until she took a more active role as of late. The sight of her thumbscrews can make the most hardened soul start singing. She also makes an amazing meat pie. See Kates Pie Shop for more information and menus.

Bull, whose name comes from a trait that need-not-be-mentioned, is the rogue of the group. Few locks have stood up to his deft hands. He has been known to get the guards riled up over his impromptu acrobatic exhibitions as well.

Hieronymus, the tiefling warlock, makes most people uncomfortable. He’s known to start the occasional fire, for what he insists is “research”. He also can drone on about the planes for hours on end and yells at people in Infernal if they doze off during one of his lectures.

Blahg is the muscle of the group. The half-orc has only been with the group a short time, but proved himself and a valuable asset. He is also a huge fan of Kate’s pies. Although words aren’t his strongest attribute, the sight of him is enough to get whatever message across that he’s been brought along to deliver.

Your group has risen far and fast, which of course, makes you a great target for the ambitious and clever. Promotions do come at a cost.

The most popular hang-out in the guild is the common room, or The Bar. It’s an open bar for all guild members.

The guild has a monopoly on thievery, assassinations, and most other unsavory necessities of the Caenmore’s underbelly.

You can find a map of the guild under the “map” tab (genius i know) and post any comments or threads you’d like to get started in the Adventure Log (I know it’s not really what it’s for, but it does look like fun).

SSES Party

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