SSES Party

So who's up for killing a baby?

Wait, I need spellcheck. Correction, so who’s up for killing orcs with a baby around? We haven’t gamed in . . . well, since you found out Heather was pregnant. She isn’t now, but we do have someone else around because of it. That doesn’t mean we don’t want to kill stuff. Who’s in? D


The party was hired by the wizard Koroboros to kidnap a red wizard in Thay. The group started out on board the ship, Lady Luck, which made a short journy to Thayan Waters. Once in sight of the port city, Belzantur, the group and all passengers were asked to kindly surrender their possessions to the crew. The group surprisingly said no and decided to take to the sword. The group won the day and, with excellent foresight from Bull, kept a crew member alive and “convinced” him to pilot them to the dock. Turns out Adder was on the boat, and in a failed attack by Zar reveals himself. He’s relocating, which leaves Clyde in charge and Zar as #2.

Once in Thay, the group was blamed for the slaughter of the crew. Surprisingly enough, they didn’t believe that the black leather clad cleric and the mask wearing half demong were fighting in self-defense. Bull and Zar had scattered to the wind and the cleric and warlock were taking in. Bull helped bail the group out by offering up some “bail” and “processing fees”. The group then set out for the town of Tyraturos by horse.

The journey was uneventful, a minor skirmish with some sickened, entagled gnolls broke up the trip. Once in the town of Tyraturos, the group discovers that to enter the school, an ungodly amount of paperwork is required. They hire a notary to take care of the red-tape and catch some rooms at the inn.

Kate decides to go to her temple in town, on the way she gets kidnapped by slavers. The group doesn’t notice she’s gone until the next morning. They track her down, with Zar’s super-human tracking skills and sneak into the house. This whole adventure can be an advertisement for sleeping gas, but that’s beside the point. Kate is resqued and the group gets their paperwork from the notary.

Once inside the school, the group starts to track down Cornelia. The find the first floor is mainly comprised of classrooms and a random group of guards that attack the group once they hear who their looking for.

They find Corelia on the second floor of the school, in her room with her bags packed, ready to go. The sight strikes the group as odd, and feeling slightly used/set-up, they grab her bags (which i’m still surprised about) and have her lead them to the portal.

The portal lies in the basement of the school. Turns out you need exact change, or else you are attacked by the dozens of golems hanging around the school. At the door to the basement floor, the group finds a few fighters and a mage waiting for them. Instead of charging in, they (in a move that would NEVER be done with the original group) decide to take the path of least resistance and walk out the front door.

The group makes their way back to their home-base and find the tower destroyed by a meteor (aka Thayan Ballistics), taking a good chunk of the city. Zar eats Cornelia and becomes Thay’s man of the year, after which she is promptly resurrected and taught how to make pies. Oh, and Thay declares war on Caenmore.

New Resident
Caenmore Welcomes: Koroboros

The day after you return from the Kitty Mansion there is a bunch of rumors floating around. A tower, approximately 300 feet tall, give or take a hill giant, has appeared in the middle of Caenmore. There was no construction of it; it just appeared one morning, giving Mr. Coddywobble, the local barber, a heart attack as he passed by during the event. (services are at 10am at the temple of Ilmater) It appears to be made from solid stone, dark with silver marbling running throughout the cylinder. There are no visible entrances or exits, and windows only exist after the first 100 feet. A clearing of 20 feet surround it in all directions.

Every 30 or so feet, there are gargoyles that circle the tower, menacing and creepy. These rings rotate, every other level rotates the same direction, but no ring rotates the same speed. You can’t tell from the street, but you swear the gargoyles look alive. Ocassionally a telescoping tube extends out from a side and swivels around to get a peek of the town. A “peek” because at the end of the tube is a large eye, about 4 feet in diameter.

You aren’t sure, but you swear there used to be buildings where the tower stands now.

Word on the street is, an archmage named Koroboros is said to be the owner and new resident (literally, someone wrote that Koroboros is this way, with an arrow, and some choice words about his heritage on the cobblestones in front of the tower’s base in few languages, infernal, common, and pictograms).

You can occasionally hear some noises from it, but you really have nothing to compare them to. Some sort of electrical buzzes, some animal screeches, and the occasional, “How now, brown cow?”

No one has gone up to the tower yet. The intesection on which it appeard, is almost completely devoid of foot traffic. In the few hours it has been part of Caenmore, a new record on declining real-estate value has already been set for the surrounding blocks.

You have some downtime between sessions, so feel free to post an action or question your character would like to do or find out.

Kate's Pie Shop

Kate’s Pie Shop, open for business.

Meat pies: 4 copper; Eel pies: 7 copper.

Open for lunch and dinner. Made fresh daily!

The Bar
Open bar for all guild members

Since this is the SSES party, our bar is the one in the guild common room.

  • Try not to burn it down.
  • Also there are now windows to throw unruly patrons through. So don’t use the walls instead, or this comes out of your earnings.
  • No torturing allowed in the bar, the last time someone tried, they didn’t clean-up well enough.
  • Last, but not least, don’t try the Orcish Gutrot, unless you have a constitution rivaling a billygoat.

This is where we can post meaningless and pointless conversations that may save our inbox from exploding.

Gin runs the bar (go figure). He’s an older, powerfully built, portly human with a trace of half-orc in him. Clyde swears he heard him speak once, but no one can verify that as no one’s ever heard him use something other than a grunt to acknowledge an order or a body that needs picking up.

Drinks are on the house!

Leveling Dilemmas
Leveling Questions

Ok So i thought we could start off our new page here with some leveling questions. I know a few of us needed some opinions on what to take with our next level. So here’s where we can put those out there and get some feedback.

I’ll start, big surprise. Warlock invocations are really cool, but very rare. Hieronymus only has 7 available at this new level, so I have to be picky. I just got access to a whole new list of them and I’m stumped. Here’s an abbreviated list of what they all do.

  • Eldritch Cone – turns eldritch blast into a 30’ long cone and damages anyone inside (reflex save vs half, which is why i’m not so excited about this one)
  • Tenacious Plague – use insect plague as the spell, but the summoned locust swarms deals damage as a magical weapon
  • Chilling Tentacles – Evard’s Black Tentacles as the spell, plus anyone caught in the area takes 2d6 cold damage in addition to the normal spell damage
  • Wall of Perilous Flame – Create wall of fire as teh spell, but half thedamage is magical and no subject to fire resistance
  • Warlock’s Call – Use sending as the spell but risk taking 1d10 damage from an unwilling recipient. (sounds useful and i could just sing Henry the 8th in the 25 words i get with it to annoy Adder)
  • Devour magic – use greater dispel magic with a touch and gain temp. hit points based on spell levels dispelled
  • Evervating Shadow – gain total concealment in dark areas (not in well-lit) and anyone adjacent to you must make a fortitude save or lose 4 strenght points for 5 rounds.

I’m leaning toward Eldritch Cone, but I’m also not crazy about the save vs half. If i use Eldritch chain i can hit 3 people wiht no save, but this can get a bigger group. Insect plague looks nice too, also chilling tentacles and Wall of perilous flame…UGH!!!

text: Hieronymus Zar


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