Kate Borgia

Local businesswoman by day, torturous worshiper of Scohrassar by night. Okay, and occasional late afternoons.


Cleric of Scorhassar

AC 18 (Studded Leather +2, displacement; Ring of protection +1)

HP 78

Str 11 Dex 14 Con 14
Int 15 Wis 16 Cha 17
Fort 9 Ref 5 Will 10

Initative +2

Base Attack +8/+3

Grapple +7

Blooddrinking Flail +1 1d8 x2
Whip of Consumption 1d2 + 1d8 x2
Bluff +4
Concentrate +8
Diplomacy +9
Gather Information +5
Heal +13
Intimidate +7
Knowledge: Arcana +7
Knowledge: Religion +7
Profession: Baker +8
Sense Motive +5
Spellcraft +7
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Elven

Feats: Sacrifical Mastery; Exotic Weapon Proficiency (whip); Need 3 More…


0 Level: Preserve Organ; Cure Minor Wounds; Detect Magic; Detect Poison; Inflict Minor Wounds; Read Magic

1 Level: Angry Ache; Blade of Blood; Cause Fear; Summon Monster 1; Divine Favor; Curse Water.

2 Level: Sadism; Dance of Ruin; Black Karma Curse; Inflict Moderate Wounds; Cure Moderate Wounds; Hold Person

3 Level: Wrace; Crown of the Grave; Mark of Doom; Cure Serious Wounds; Inflict Serious Wounds

4 Level: Liquid Pain; Cure Critical Wounds; Divine Power; Identify Transgressor; Hell’s Power

5 Level: Thousand Needles; Meteoric Strike; Unhallow; Symbol of Pain


Some people are just born evil. No tragic story, no twisted quest for vengance, just…broken, somehow, in the place that makes us human. Kate is like that. Compassion seems to be something completely beyond her abilities. In fact, the entire concept seems to confuse her. She can fake it though, sort of, enough to make her way in normal society. There’s something weirdly charming about her, she’s dryly funny and sarcastic, and has a dark sense of humor. And if she sometimes laughs at things that aren’t really funny (like a child killed by a runaway horse cart) well, everyone handles tragedy differently, right? Her pies are good and cheap (Note: she doesn’t actually bake any people into her pies. She tried that, and they tasted funny…): “meat” pies are 5 copper, and usually are made from a mix of rodents caught in the alleys and meat scraps from a local butcher; “eel” pies are 7 copper and made of fish scraps.

The shop very nearly pays for itself, and any supplemental income necessary comes from her work with and for the assassin’s guild—she’s a skilled healer, if not a particularly sympathetic or gentle one. Seems to know a lot about the inner workings of the human body, both how to fix them and how to break them. That latter skill is occassionally put to work doing freelance “information extraction” for people too squeamish to do it themselves. She’s famous for this in certain circles…with the caveat that while you will almost certainly get the information you wanted, you will equally certainly not get a whole person back. Possibly one or two people have seem her basement chambers and lived, but likely they aren’t talking much about the experience. In the pie shop, in the back, behind the shelf holding the flour and jars of spices, is a stone staircase heading down into a dank basement torture chamber. There’s a heavy, scarred wooden chair placed in front of the altar to Scohrassar…on either side of the altar stands a iron maiden, with various other instruments of torture arranged on the altar itself. Behind the altar is a rack; shackles hang from the wall behind the rack. Everything appears to be well used, but clean, or at least as clean as they can get. Torches line the walls, candles on the altar.

In the past few weeks, some local kids have begun helping out around the pie shop. Any day now, Kate will invite them down to the basement to introduce them to the power and cruelty of Scohrassar. If all goes well, two of them will leave as acolytes…

Kate Borgia

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