The flamboyant, quick-tumbling acrobatic rogue


Beaul Fling “Bull” 23 yrs old, 2’10”, 31 lbs., Black eyes, ruddy skin, black ponytail

Rogue 11

Str 12 Dex 20 Con 14 Int 16 Wis 16 Cha 10 HP 64

AC 28 – +1 studded leather, +4 Spiteful imp buckler, +3 ring, +1 size

Sneak Attack: +6d6 Rapier +1 weapon Crossbow, light repeating masterwork Dagger, one returning masterwork, three normal

Saves: Fortitude 6, Reflex 13 (+3 traps only), Will 7 (+2 for fear)

Feats: Trapsense, Trapfinding (use search skill instead of spot for traps > DC 20, Evasion (no damage from magical attacks if I make the reflex save), Uncanny dodge, improved (no flanking me, use dex bonus when flat footed), Opportunist (attack of opportunity once per round on any character that just got struck), Acrobatic, Dodge, Mobility, Weapon Finesse (any light weapon, use dex not strength)

Skills: Appraise 13, Balance 15, Disable Device 12, Disguise 4, Escape artist 15, Forgery 7, Hide 22, Intimidate 1 (tatoo), Jump 14, Knowledge (local) 3, Listen 15, Move Silently 17, Open lock 12, Perform (duel 3, acrobat 2), Search 16, Spot 10, Tumble 14, Use Magical Device 6, Use Rope 12 (14 with my silk rope), Slight of hand 18

Deity: Mask


Former traveling acrobat with the family, left the family to stay in the capitol when he started to pick up jobs with the guild…


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